Agriturismo ai Casoni

We have arrived at Agriturismo ai Casoni, just outside Treviso – where we are going to be spending the next 5 days.  This is a small family run agriturismo that produces its own wine and Prosecco as well as the meats and fruits and vegetables.  So, as you walk in and are greeted by the hosts the first thing you see is a bottle of Prosecco poured into 4 large glasses.  As we stand here and sip the fizzy wine the hosts takes out passport information and ‘checks us in’.  We are shown our rooms and another bottle of Prosecco arrives.  There is a gourmet restaurant on site and our dinner is at 7:30pm and we are feeling pretty loopy.  We are pretty much in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but have a drink, kick back and enjoy the towering mountains and the sprawling vineyards, and wait for dinner.  I think we are going to like it here.










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