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Christmas Concert

Strathcona band was preforming a Christmas Concert today at the church downtown.  We have been to the junior high Christmas concert, but the high school kids are in a league of their own.  They are more refined and mature and quite sophisticated in their sound.  They played one very modern piece which was our favourite. […]

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St. Jacobs

Across the square from St. Elisabeth Church is St. Jacobs Church.  The Gothic old-Franconian Church of St. James was originally  the hospice church for the German Order. The original building was erected in mid to late 14th century. The Church was badly damaged during the war and was rebuilt with some alterations. The nave houses some […]

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More Snow

Apparently it snowed last night, not much but enough to leave residue of  some white sprinkling on the roofs.  I think today was the coldest day that we can remember  pushing +2C maybe +3C.  It was actually chilly.  We did not find a lot of snow but we did find more signs of spring which […]

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Tyn Church

Tyn Church, or The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, dominates one side of the Old Town Square in Prague. The two 80m spires of this powerful looking, Gothic church (with a Baroque interior) can be seen from all over Prague.  The oldest pipe organ in Prague stands inside this church. The organ was built in 1673 by […]

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Sacré-Coeur – Paris

I am sure that there are a great many churches in Paris to see and explore.  There are two however, that most people are familiar with. One is the famous Notre Dame and the other is the Sacré-Coeur.  Most people will visit the Notre Dame and look at the Sacré-Coeur from the distance when they get to […]

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Around Paris

Yesterday was dedicated to culture today we are going shopping.  On the agenda are BHV and ‘Galeries Lafayette’.  In between the two is the City Hall from which you can see the Notre Dame.  There was a huge ice ring in front of the city hall and despite the fact that it was +10C it […]

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Le Marais

After a quick coffee at Carrousel du Louvre and a bit of well deserved rest we headed out to the Marais. This once again is a place we really loved last year so we went back for more this year.  We had a wonderful dinner at a little Italian bistro for something different.  L’Alimentari had some wonderful […]

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Final Look

While we spent more time last year looking at the paintings and the Egyptian exhibits, this year we looked at more sculptures.  This is but a fraction of what the Louvre has to offer, from rooms full of tapestries large enough to cover a small house, to unimaginable amount of ornate gold trinkets large and […]

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The Louvre

Today was a long day, we spent almost 12 hours out in the city.  We had two objectives for today The Louvre for art and Le Marais for dinner.   The Louvre is a place that is extraordinary in and of itself.  Priceless works of art aside, The Louvre is magnificent on its own merit. […]

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Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is located in the Wola district of  Warsaw dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The museum opened on July 31, 2004, marking the 60th anniversary of the Uprising. The museum exhibits are very modern but the layout of the museum is reminiscent of an old city streets which were boomed and destroyed during the war. This is […]

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Mid December

The Christmas Market is still in full swing with just as many people around the stalls as ever, so we avoid the main square like the plague.  However, there are still some nice and quiet places around the old town where it’s nice and quiet and empty and serene.  It is still quite warm, mostly […]

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The Greener Grass

It appears that the first real snow has melted  faster than anticipated.  Essentially the next morning there was no trace of it.  This however, spurs the people to get into full winter mode and put winter tires on. For now we are back to green grass and mild temperatures of 6 to 9C so quite […]

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