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Christmas Concert

Strathcona band was preforming a Christmas Concert today at the church downtown.  We have been to the junior high Christmas concert, but the high school kids are in a league of their own.  They are more refined and mature and quite sophisticated in their sound.  They played one very modern piece which was our favourite. […]

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3 Hour Cake

We are expecting some company tomorrow, so Monika offered to make a cake for tomorrow.  She did not realize that this cake recipe takes 3 hours to get ready.  Nonetheless this one turned out awesome and it was well worth the wait.  

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Where Big Kids Go

Yesterday was Halloween, today is a lazy Saturday morning.  While the kids were out shopping at WEM for some Christmas gifts, we made a quick stop at  Audio Ark.  For me going to Audio Ark is like going to a giant candy store – it is a happy place full of refined sophistication and decadence.  

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Liege Waffle

Today for breakfast we are trying the Liege Cakes once more time.  This time a bit different recipe which has a bit less butter but instead of yeast we are using live culture.  We essentially used the same recipe as last week but scaled down a bit on butter.  This should have been an entire […]

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The Great Pillage

Today is Halloween – it is great many things to many different people.  For ghosts and goblins and witches and monsters it is time to freely roam the streets. For little Vikings at heart it is time to get out and liberate the neighbourhood of some candies and for the dentists it is time to pick up […]

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Snow Snow Snow

It is snowing!  At around 5pm today the skies opened up and it started coming down like crazy.  Huge wet snow flakes everywhere.  Only Evelina was happy with this turn of events, we all just looked in disbelief!  I am sure this snow is not going to stick around around for long, but we all […]

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Viking and Dragons

There are many different things we all miss about being on the other side of the pond.  From the simple narrow and twisted cobble stone streets we walked in the old town Nuremberg to our friends  and our favourite coffee shops and stores, the amazing gelato and the atmosphere of the old city, the history and […]

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14 Pizza Dinner

You will have to take my word for it, even though the pictures don’t show it, there really were 14 pizza on the dinner menu tonight – each different than the last.  Twelve of them were consumed on site and two went home with us.  There was also bread pudding.  There was a lot of […]

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Perhaps one of the things that Boris and Evelina missed the most about Edmonton was their cousins. The greatest thing in their minds is the fact that our family lives close to us.  On a beautiful fall day with the sun shining and leaves blowing in the wind they got on their bikes and went […]

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Thanksgiving is great.  Three days off, three days of eating and relaxing.  It is great to be home for this one.  While Christmas has its own charm, Thanksgiving is special.  It is time to take pause and reflect, time to be thankful and appreciative.  Time to spend with family, time to relax and appreciate everyone […]

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Blow Out

It is a Thanksgiving Saturday.  A beautiful day, sunny and warm.  It is the kind of day you go out for a nice lazy walk around the lake or the little forest that is not far away from our home.  Today on the lazy morning agenda I decided to winterize my irrigation system.  My shiny […]

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Hello Hugo

To make a long story short – this is what our weekend is shaping up to be. We are going to be sampling four more bottles of Prosecco to see which one will be perfect to make just the right tasting Hugo. We are looking for volunteers to help us empty these four lovely bottles. […]

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Home Time

It is finally time to make the landing post and say goodbye to Iceland.  I have been home for a couple of weeks now buried in work.  Not the business work but house work.  There is a seemingly endless list of house chores that need doing, some due to what appears to be plain neglect, some […]

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We’re ready

We are finally packed and ready to go. After months of planning we are setting off on the adventure of a lifetime. We are not there yet but we are taking bookings for visitors. See you all there!!

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