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Thanksgiving is great.  Three days off, three days of eating and relaxing.  It is great to be home for this one.  While Christmas has its own charm, Thanksgiving is special.  It is time to take pause and reflect, time to be thankful and appreciative.  Time to spend with family, time to relax and appreciate everyone […]

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Cafe Petersborg

Well, it started to rain, so instead of going to see the Little Mermaid statue we decided to take an early lunch.  Henrik suggested a great place that serves traditional open face Danish sandwiches, with just about anything you can imagine on them.  There is 40 thousand types of herring, from pickled to curried, eel, meatballs, chicken […]

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La Picea

There are 47 restaurants in Levanto, we found this one – La Picea, on the outskirts of the old town – and  it just happens to be THE number one rated restaurant in the city.  This place is mostly for takeouts but there are some tables and chairs for people like us.  It is all […]

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We found a great little restaurant in Arezzo called Luck, the actual Italian name is Osteria da Luchino. Off the main street, no English menu, small and charming and just perfect.   We decided to try the Italian way of eating dinner.  You start off with a small pasta dish, then have the main course with […]

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Sunday Brunch

We are going out for brunch today, not the one filled with endless lines of chaffing dishes filled with food – we are thinking something more simple, less filling but equally as delicious.  Sunday Brunch is more like Parisian Breakfast and no one does this better than the French themselves.  We are not sure which of the […]

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Because it is Easter and a lot of places are closed, or rather not opened for dinner we have to plan our meals carefully.   We found a great place in the next town, which is about 2.5km away that is open for dinner on Sunday and Monday.  Everything on the menu is simply amazing […]

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All About Food

Let’s face it – I think that by now, our need to travel is largely dictated by the fact that we don’t want to be recognized as “are those people eating again?”  That’s us, we travel and eat and eat and eat, but it is soooooo good, we simply can’t help ourselves. From this day […]

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Stiftskeller St. Peter (803) – Salzburg, Austria

According to some sources, including the restaurant itself of course, the Siftskeller has been serving food since 803, making it the oldest restaurant in Europe. Not 1803 – that’s not a typo. Eight-oh-three. Although we can’t personally verify this data, we can certainly attest to the quality of food and service. We started with a […]

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This then is a traditional Polish dessert.  It is only made in certain parts of Poland and it is now Boris’s favourite dessert.  A basic sękacz is made of 60 eggs, a lot of butter, milk and a bit of flour.  A large sękacz will be made of 80 or more eggs.  Once batter is […]

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Le Marais

After a quick coffee at Carrousel du Louvre and a bit of well deserved rest we headed out to the Marais. This once again is a place we really loved last year so we went back for more this year.  We had a wonderful dinner at a little Italian bistro for something different.  L’Alimentari had some wonderful […]

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Stary Dom

We will file this under – what were we thinking eating this much?  Stary Dom is an old charming restaurant in Warsaw, Mokotów.  The service is good, the food is amazing and the desserts are to die for.  On the menu, steak tartar, zurek, wild boar roast, roasted duck and baked salmon.  Next time we […]

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Something Modern

We have walked past this street about one hundred times, literally.  It’s on the way to the Lego among other things.  Not only did we find these very modern looking buildings right within the castle walls but we also found one of the best Sushi restaurants in the city called Sushi Glas.  In Alberta there […]

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Meanwhile in Italy..

By lake Garda a small family of whales was spotted wobbling towards a restaurant.  It’s been at least 6 minutes since our last meal, we have done a lot of hard work, lazing around the pool and having a 3 hour nap which of course requires more nourishment.  Tomorrow I will simply cut a hole […]

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Hostaria la Cross

Today is Kasia’s and Volker 16th wedding anniversary so staying at Hotel Dogana was not an option.  The winery at Tenuta Le Presa was a more appropriate choice and one more befitting the occasion.  To celebrate this we went out for a dinner at a local spot called Hostaria la Cross where German really is […]

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So Many Choices

It’s pit stop time.  After a few hours of bad weather, we finally got some sunshine about 40km from the German border.  We decided to stop for a little break and have some food.  You might say that this really is just an average stop, on an average autobahn in the middle of Germany.  Kind […]

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