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Let’s face it – I think that by now, our need to travel is largely dictated by the fact that we don’t want to be recognized as “are those people eating again?”  That’s us, we travel and eat and eat and eat, but it is soooooo good, we simply can’t help ourselves. From this day forward the Wala’s Grand European Tour of  2013/2014 is officially being renamed  to ‘Fat Camp – We’re Here’

Güjžina is where we had a traditional Slovenian salad with chicken pumpkin seeds and fried cheese, dumplings smothered in butter with porcini mushrooms and pumpkin oil and for dessert “Gibanica” which  is a type of a very delicate layered cake containing poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, raisins and ricotta filling. Although native to Prekmurje, it has achieved the status of a national specialty of Slovenia. We ordered 3 of these and none lasted long enough for a picture to be taken.

The second place we visited about 30 minutes later was called CACAO.  To die for ice cream so rich and flavourful we are having doubts about the real quality of gelato we ate in Italy and France.  Strawberry and banana is a must as is  plain strawberry but there are a lot more flavours to pick from, too many.  Go for two scoops if you are brave this ice-cream is so rich you can’t eat more than that.




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