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On the Road

The drive down to The Netherlands was not bad.  The drive through Denmark was easy, and uneventful.  The drive in the initial part of Germany was good too.  The drive on the west side of Germany was excruciatingly painful.  We got stuck in a 5km traffic which by the time we cleared it grew to […]

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Summer in Denmark

The weather forecast has changed from sunny with a chance of showers to pouring rain with a chance of deluge.  It was essentially raining sideways for most of the afternoon. Despite our rain gear, by the time we walked from the Little Mermaid to the shops, we were absolutely soaked to the bone.  The only saving grace was […]

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Cafe Petersborg

Well, it started to rain, so instead of going to see the Little Mermaid statue we decided to take an early lunch.  Henrik suggested a great place that serves traditional open face Danish sandwiches, with just about anything you can imagine on them.  There is 40 thousand types of herring, from pickled to curried, eel, meatballs, chicken […]

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Tall Ships

After the Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace we decided to walk towards the Little Mermaid.  We decided to walk along the wharf to see the display of tall ships which were anchored there.  The wind had picked up at this point and it looked like the weather might be taking a turn for the worse.  Undaunted, we […]

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Ørestad is an ultra modern and ultra sleek part of Copenhagen – think of it as Architectural Digest award-winning designs built all in one place. Ørestad is a developing city area in Copenhagen, on the island of Amager. It is expected that 20,000 people will live in Ørestad, 20,000 will study, and 80,000 people will be employed […]

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I don’t think you can walk more than 50 m through the Copenhagen train station without running into a 10m x 15 m advertisement for one of these.  At first we ignored it and remain strong and sceptical.  I mean who drinks Baileys these days anymore?  Finally we gave in and got a bottle they […]

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Alfa Romeo 159 Wagon

Italians vs. Vikings

It appears that Top Gear has taken some liking to our family chariot.  Being listed once on the Top Gear site was like winning a lottery, twice is just crazy.  Weekend in Cars has our lovely Alfa proudly displayed crossing the Great Belt Bridge on our trip to Copenhagen.  A big thanks to the Mozejko […]

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Malmo – Old Town

Malmo has two distinct districts, the old town which is not very traditional or conventional  in the sense of old European towns.  The other part is The Western Harbour which is being built on the peninsula and is ultra modern. Since the construction of the Öresund bridge, linking Sweden to Denmark,  Malmö has undergone a major transformation with […]

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Conquering Sweden

We are off to Sweden today.  We are going to explore a costal town of Malmö, Sweden.  It is the third largest town in Sweden by population and since we are not driving up to Stockholm this should be a experience.  We are also going to make this a train trip, leaving the car behind in […]

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Viking Museum Ladby

Kerteminde is Denmark’s only ship grave from the Viking period. Around 925 AD, the king of Ladby was buried in his ship, which was 21.5 meters long and 3 meters wide. A burial mound was raised above the ship. His grave was furnished with all his fine possessions, including 11 horses and 3 or 4 […]

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Kerteminde, is a small town about 10 km from Odense and is located  on the island of Funen and  has a population of 5,880.  This place is famous for its fish restaurants but to us it is famous for meringue.  Danes like meringue in three forms, cookies, ice cream with meringue topping or fresh meringue covered in […]

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Valdemars Castle

Valdemars Castle is a small palace on the island of Tåsinge near Svendborg in southern Denmark.  It was commissioned by King Christian IV for his son Valdemar Christian who never moved in. He was killed in battle in Poland in 1656.  Today the castle is owned by Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff who was at one time married to Ian Flemming’s nephew.  Small world.  

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The Wrath of Thor

We are heading home from our excursion to the Danish country side. Both the wind  and  the rain have picked up quite significantly.  In retrospect we are glad that we went to Copenhagen yesterday as the Great Belt Bridge is now officially closed.  The wind is blowing at 54m/s or category 3 hurricane, the strongest […]

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Ulriksholm Castle

This small castle is located approx. 6 km. SW of Kerteminde.  It was built for one of Christian IV’s  many sons, in a typical Renaissance style.  The castle was completed in 1645.  The young Count Ulrik Christian GYLDENLOVE only managed to enjoy his new home for a few years. He died in 1658 , at the age of 28.  Today, the castle is a private residence which […]

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Viking Runes

We are following a trail of Viking Runes.  Its actually a beautiful autumn day, not like you could tell this from our outfits, but that’s because we are prepared for the upcoming storm.   These sties are protected by Thor, as the legend has it, and anyone no paying the respect these places deserve will […]

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Modern Copenhagen

Originally a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark in the beginning of the 15th century.  Copenhagen metropolitan area is home to almost 2 million people out of 5 million that live in Denmark.  It’s a beautiful city, its home to the Danish royalty and a whole set of stunning […]

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Old Town Copenhagen

Part of our 15km walk around Copenhagen included the old town.  We went by the Round Tower which was an astoronomical  observatory built by King  Christian IV.  Instead of stairs, a 7.5-turn spiral ramp forms the only access way to the tower top observatory as well as the Library Hall and the Bell-Ringer’s Loft, both located above the church. […]

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The Marble Church

Frederik’s Church, popularly known as The Marble Church (Marmorkirken) for its architecture, is an Evangelical Lutheran church located just west of Amalienborg Palace.  Intended to commemorate the 300 years jubilee of the first coronation of a member of the House of Oldenburg. Frederick’s Church has the largest church dome in Scandinavia with a span of 31m. The construction of the church was delayed for 150 years due […]

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The Royal Palace

Amalienborg is the winter residence of the Danish Royal Family.  We made it here just before 12:00 to see the change of the guard.  The Royal Palace consists of  four identical classic palace façades with rococo interiors around an octagonal courtyard.   In the centre of the square is a monumental equestrian statue of Amalienborg’s founder, King Frederick V. The first time […]

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The Opera House

Located, across the Royal Palace, on the island of Holmen in central Copenhagen is the Copenhagen Opera House.  The Opera House is the national opera house of Denmark, and is among the most modern opera houses in the world. It is also one of the most expensive opera houses ever built with construction costs well over 500 million U.S. dollars.  

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New Harbour

Nyhavn or New Harbour  is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark originally constructed by King Christian V from 1670 to 1673, dug by Swedish war prisoners.   It is a gateway from the sea to the old inner city at (King’s Square), where ships handled cargo and fishermens’ catch. It was home to  Hans Christian Andersen  for some 18 years. […]

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Hans Christian Andersen

Even if you have never been or heard of Odense you know someone from here.  Hans Christian Andersen was born and lived here until he was 14 years old.  His mother used to work at the royal palace and on occasion Hans Christian would be invited to play with the young prince at the palace. […]

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St. Canute’s Cathedral

No self respecting European city goes without its own cathedral.  Odense is no different, St. Canute’s Cathedral is dedicated to the last Viking king of Denmark and his bones as well as those of his brother are displayed in the cathedral crypt.  Unlike some of the more ostentatious and extravagant baroque cathedrals this one is […]

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Odense – Demark

We are in Odense visiting our good friends Mozejkos.  It’s a beautiful autumn day, perfect for exploring the old city.  Odense has one of the oldest Saturday markets in Europe, where people have been buying and selling fresh produce for over 500 years.  There are a number of churches and monasteries, a  Benedictine abbey, the Odense Palace, […]

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