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At the end of our short street is a boulevard that separates our neighbourhood from the moat canals and the parks down below.  On the boulevard there is a massive statue dedicated to Bismarck.  It is quite old and a bit damaged, undoubtedly by both wars.  This place is great for either getting to the […]

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Fall is here.  It’s wet.  There are some trees with are still quite green, and some that seem like they are on fire.  The ones that have no leaves are green with all the moss that’s growing on them.  It’s quite beautiful and colourful.  

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Today is, if you are a god-fearing folk, a Happy Cadaver Day, literal translation in German. This means it’s a holiday and everything is closed except churches and beer gardens, both of which are open for business and will gladly take your money.  Since we don’t drink beer, but have been to church before, we […]

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