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European Solidarity Centre

The European Solidarity Centre is a museum and library in Gdańsk, Poland, devoted to the history of Solidarity, the Polish trade union and civil resistance movement, and other opposition movements of Communist Eastern Europe.  It resembles a hull of the ship both inside and outside.  It is done exceptionally well with lot of amazing exhibits. […]

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A place that is near and dear to every Polish soul.  A place where the WWII started, a place where the first resistance started and a place that gave every person a bit of hope.  We got off the boat that took us there and decided to go for a nice walk through the park […]

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Sunny Winter Day

Last night it snowed, big heavy flakes falling so slow it all seemed like it was in slow motion.  The morning we woke up to a beautiful and sunny day, a bit windy but no trace of snow and blue sky.  Here it is then, the best part of Gdansk seen from the islands in […]

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Gdańsk By Night

There is no shortage of things to do and see in this city.  Even though the old town is not massively  huge there seems to be a million different ways to get home and just as many restaurants and bars to try on the way there. We really are spoiled for choice.  

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It’s Sunny!

According to the weather forecast it was supposed to be cloudy with a chance of light snow so we abandoned the idea of going to Sopot and going to the beach!  Instead we decided to do some tourist things around Gdansk and a bit of shopping as well.

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Back in Gdansk

This really is a last minute trip – a quick getaway to relax before the holidays.  November in Gdansk is cool and grey but the atmosphere is amazing, the food, so far, has been phenomenal and every time we take a turn onto a new street there is a new restaurant or a bar or […]

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St. Alexander’s Church

Getting out of the house for a walk is the only remedy for not just sitting and eating and eating and eating.  We got out for another afternoon walk to work up an appetite and to explore more of Warsaw.    On the Three Crosses Square surrounded by  Hugo Boss, Burberry, Church’s, Ermenegildo Zegna, Max Mara, Coccinelle, W. Kruk, JM Weston, […]

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Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is located in the Wola district of  Warsaw dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The museum opened on July 31, 2004, marking the 60th anniversary of the Uprising. The museum exhibits are very modern but the layout of the museum is reminiscent of an old city streets which were boomed and destroyed during the war. This is […]

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We have arrived

Despite our prefuse protests, we are 7 months in and in Poland for the 3rd time.  However, having said that, this is the first time we are here for holidays.  No passports, no paper work, no government offices to visit.  We did an afternoon run leaving Nuremberg at 1:30pm and arrived in Warsaw at 8:40pm […]

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Citizen P

Today I finally got an update on the status of my Polish citizenship confirmation. It appears that the Polish bureaucracy is finally starting to crack and give in. Officially then, Poland has confirmed that I am and always have been a Polish citizen. Next step is to wait for the documents to arrive and head […]

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Antler TIme

We have assembled the house and actually moved some furniture around today to get that new minimalistic look we are hoping to achieve here. Basically no one is carrying any more boxes upstairs and no one is interested in assembling anything anymore. We are in a travel mood. After 10 days of hard graft, it […]

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Thank you

We are setting off to go back to Nuremberg.  We are saying good bye to our great hosts the Karnath family in Pruszcz Gdanski.  Not only were they gracious enough to offer us a roof over our heads and feed us 10 meals a day  but Kasia’s mom also helped me get the paper work […]

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Quintessentially Polish

Storks are quite ubiquitous in Poland, they are revered and loved in Poland – unlike the post Soviet area bureaucracy which still lingers around like a nasty smell.  Today I had to take another stab at it and try and file some papers, to get the papers I actually need.  To do this however, I […]

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Malbork Castle

There are a lot of impressive sights in the world and a great number of wonderful buildings.  To me there are very few as impressive and as memorable as the Malbork Castle.  The sheer size of it, the scale of buildings and the magnificent decor and layout are simply stunning.  Malbork is 3 castles in […]

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Kasia’s Birthday

Today, Kasia is turning 29 again. There was a small gathering of family and friends to celebrate this momentous occasion.  We were quite exhausted after a full day of walking around so it was nice to just sit down and relax for a bit, listen to some crazy travel stories, eat a great dinner and […]

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A short drive from Gdansk, is the seaside city of Sopot with its grand pier that stretches into the Baltic Sea.  At 511.5m, the pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe.  A lot has changed here, there are a lot more stores and restaurants, but don’t come here looking for traditional polish food.  We […]

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Going Back

So after almost 30 years I am back in the city I grew up in. While a lot has changed it here, not much really did. In the end it is really all a matter of perspective.  What seemed bright, huge and wonderful as I remembered it, is now aged, dull and all plastered in […]

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TIR stands for Transports Internationaux Routiers” or “International Road Transports.  TIR-owka then is  a lady that works in a service industry, that stands in a forrest, on the side of the highway, usually dressed in a very revealing and easy to spot from the distance  neon clothing ready to help the big truck drivers relax for […]

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We went to explore the house where Copernicus was born, where he lived, studied and in the end turned the world of astronomy on its head.  His house was comprised of two buildings.  Even by modern standards this was a huge house.  It is also worth noting that Copernicus was a distinguished guest at the […]

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Since we are not in a great rush today to get to our destination, we are taking a few stops on the way to explore  some things worth seeing.  First on the list today is Torun, a city where Copernicus was born.  A leisurely stroll through the old town, and around the old Teutonic ruins, […]

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Meanwhile somewhere in Poland, on the side of the road is this guy with a wide array of forest goods for sale – all nicely displayed on the hood of his car. I think it is time to give our Alfa some personallity. We are going for that off road rugged country style look. It […]

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Time To Rest

  After a long drive we stopped  for the night at this little place.  What can be said about it – it was clean, cheap and very pleasant.  I think the rooms were €30.00 per night and the breakfast was about €2.50 each.  We promptly ordered 5 breakfasts for the 4 of us in the […]

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This then is the official European Vacation Wala Family Chariot.  It is a bit shorter and less powerful than the Volvo we have been driving but I think we are going to like it very much.  It is an Alfa Romeo 159 Stoprtwagon Ti Turismo. It’s black and it ‘s pretty, and it converts diesel […]

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Since we are not in a great rush today to get anywhere in particular today,  we made a quick stop in Gniezno as we were driving by.  This then, according to legend is the birth city of Poland  – officially in 966.    It is quite beautiful here.

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Back to Munich

We are back at the Polish Embassy in Munich trying to push some  papers through.  IT hasn’t all gone according to plan, in fact, nothing so far has, but at least we did managed to push some papers through and for the rest there is hope on the horizon. We know for a fact, we […]

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It’s Official

The Polish state, while slow in its bureaucratic ways, has finally agreed and verified that we are officially married.  As far as Poland goes we are now a married couple.  Now we tell them about the kids and then ask for more papers, for the papers we just go.  

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Amazing Things

The toll highways in Poland are quite amazing.  Rain or shine there is always someone working on their maintenance.  Always!  The second amazing thing is that, and I never will get tired of this, is that trucks are always and always in the right lane and they are restricted to going 90km/h. How awesome is […]

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Going Home

We are leaving rainy and cold Warsaw today and going back to Germany. Now that we have updated the maps on the GPS we think we should get to Nuremberg in about 8 hours or so, maybe a bit longer with the heavy rain. We noticed that a lot of people have secondary antennas on […]

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Often Imitated..

.. but never duplicated.  I think today I found the missing link and the explanation as to why some Eastern European women wear carrot tops on their heads, and they do it with such pride. “Words are very un-necessary” here so just click through and shake your head in disbelief.  

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Bransk – here we come

Today we are heading to Bransk, a small town of about 4000 people in the eastern part of Poland.  We are picking up some more documents and visiting family.   On 18 January 1493, Brańsk received a city charter based on Magdeburg rights from the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Alexander Jagiellon. It was the first city in Podlaskie to receive such a […]

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Bylaws are good

Lord thundering Jesus.  I never thought I would say this but I do now see the benefits of bylaws.  I say the more the better.  Edmonton is said to be the king of bylaws and everyone always complains about it.  This is what happens to a city that has little to no bylaws.  This is […]

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Our relentless pursuit of the required documents continues.  Sometimes I think it would have been easier to find a Yeti in the Himalayas than to get the right stamp on the correct piece of paper in the Bureaucratic Republic of Poland.  Undaunted we forge ahead.  Today we set out to Plock, the last place where […]

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Storming of Warsaw

There is much that can be said about navigating the Polish bureaucratic maze and perhaps even more that shouldn’t be said about the same. I have to say that while no one is particularly helpful about what we need to do, everyone is exceptionally nice and polite about it.   I feel like we are […]

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