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Ciao Roma!

The only thing on the agenda for today was to take it easy and relax and eat less. Failed on all three accounts.  We stopped at Eataly, an old train station that has been converted to a 5 story Italian Shop with 18 or so restaurants.  The store has pretty much everything you can imagine […]

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More Paris

So another busy day in Paris. A bit of shopping, a lot of walking, a lots of snacking but generally relaxing.  Today we climbed 24 floors, mostly getting up to the Pantheon and walking up the hill  by Sorbonne, and walked about 23,600 steps which is about 13.6km.  Good workout!  

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Farewell Omonville

Today we are saying goodbye to our fantastic little cottage in Omonville.  Despite the weather, we had absolutely fabulous time here.  I would say one of the best stays on this trip.  Don’t get fooled by this picture, it rained 30 min later, exactly when we were checking out…

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This morning the kids asked what we are doing today?  Having fun was the reply and fun we were going to have.  In the old days you could either climb a tree or you did not, today they made that into a sport, which I think is a lot more fun. First stop for today is a Tree […]

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I AMsterdam

We got off to an early start.  By 10:10 am we were already in Amsterdam, parked and looking for something to do.  First thing on the agenda was to orient ourselves, find a good boat to get to places fast and to find a place to have a breakfast.  We are quite impressed because the forecast […]

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Checked in

The only downside of coming early is the waiting to check it.  After sitting around and looking at the world go by for what seemed like forever we have finally checked in.  The room is exactly as expected if not better.  We have a great 2 bedroom suite with a large living room and a […]

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It has been fairly quiet on Emilienstrasse for the last few days – but we are actually very busy.  We are essentially trying to figure out how to spend the remaining 4 months here.  We have both the spring and summer trips to plan out, we are  filling up our weekend excursions and short day trips.  We are organizing things […]

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Going North

We are setting off  for a week of holidays.  The children are getting their first fall school break, which is well deserved and earned as they have been working very hard both in school and with Saskia their private tutor.  We are going to be heading up to Denmark and Sweden driving mostly through Germany. […]

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Map Legoland

Legoland – Deutschland

The happiest place on earth, at least right now for Boris and Evelina is Legoland.  About 197km outside Nuremberg or 1.30h drive from Nuremberg  is Legoland-Allee, Günzburg Legoland.  We got a family pass for all Legoland attractions throughout Europe for 1 year, unlimited admission for €257 including parking.  This includes all Legoland fees, free parking, London […]

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