Uphagen’s House

The Uphagen house is one of only a few 18th century merchant town houses in Europe that is open to visitors.

The Uphagen house was purchased in 1775 by Johann Uphagen, a merchant, historian, art collector and city councillor. He remodelled it to suit the needs of a wealthy 18th century merchant. After Uphagen’s death in 1802, the house was passed down through several generations of the Uphagen family.

In 1911 the Uphagen house was converted into a museum, which it remained until 1944. In that year, German curators of the house evacuated the furniture to Kartuzy and Gorzędziej. Though some parts of these interiors were destroyed at the end of World War II, some original parts returned in the early 1950s.

The Uphagen House was destroyed during the Soviet advance into Danzig in 1945. The house was rebuilt after World War II. It was finally reopened to visitors in 1998.





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