Meanwhile in Wurzburg

It is summer!  No matter where we go there is a bachelor or bachelorette party.  Evelina got to participate in one when we were in Wurzburg today.  The premise of these parties is as follows.  The bride or groom to be is the object of constant ridicule in public as his entourage is getting drunk.  He or she has to entertain the crowds, usually through games.  You end up paying €1 to the pool and either get some candy or get to play a game with the bride or the groom to be.  The money pays for more drinks for the travelling party, there is usually a wagon with a flat of two of been in it.  In this case for €1 Evelina got to shoot 3 balls at the groom to be.  If you get the ball through the opening you get a free drink, if you hit the foul you get €5 back and put the groom to be in a bit of pain.  On the first shot Evelina managed to hit the guy holding the green outfit right in the hand. The ball knocked the beer out of his hand which promptly dropped and broke.  Second shot just missed the foul and the third one went through, which means I got a free drink.  It was quite the spectacle with lots of people standing around and cheering and laughing.  It was fun for all.










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