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If I don’t hear Embassy and Munich in the same sentence ever again it will not be a moment too soon.  Today we set off to pick up kids’ passports at the Polish Embassy.   Munich is about 180km away – door to door, from our house to the embassy  and this we can usually manage this in about 75 min by car. Leaving downtown Nuremberg and getting almost downtown Munich with average traffic flow is by now a routine of sorts. Not today!  Not only was the Monday morning traffic heaver than usual, there was construction over a 28km stretch of the road some 50km outside Munich and that is not all, on top of all  that there was an accident in the construction zone.  What a nightmare.  3 hours in the car inching away… and I had 4 espressos that morning.  Germans drive well, they literally fly on the autobahn 250, 300km/h and more – you almost never ever see an accident.  Construction zone on the autobahn is 80km/h unless it is crazy narrow or steep then it is 60km/h.  If there is an accident on an autobahn it is always in the slow zone – either in a construction zone or in the 120km/h zone – it seems driving slow on the autobahn is not what Germans do well.  Crazy.  At least the trip back was normal and enjoyable which was the only saving grace, that and the fact that we finally have 8 passports, one of which is of course due to expire next month.




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