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As it turns out the easiest place to ding parking in Switzerland is on a highway. 11 km into Switzerland I am stuck in a highway to nowhere. In 45 min I moved almost 1km. This should be fun. You know when this is going to be bad when people abandon their cars and go […]

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We are stuck in traffic going nowhere fast. We had a pretty good run the first two hours, despite the massive non- stop pouring rain. We are 712 km from home and stationary. In 15 minutes we moved about 600 m. According to the traffic report on the car GPS we have 5 more kilometers […]

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Baustelle – at first that sounded like some exotic French pastry we thought.  After a nice rest we drove by  a sign that read “Baustelle in 7 km”.  With a bit of traffic on the road going rather slow around Leipzig, we looked around at all the nice cars including this great looking CLS wagon. […]

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