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Alfa Adventures

We are going to call this an Italian adventure in Germany on the way to France. We set off to Metz about 2 hours later than we though but we got going at a really good pace, at least initially so we were not worried. We knew that there would be some traffic just outside  Hockenheim because […]

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We are stuck in traffic going nowhere fast. We had a pretty good run the first two hours, despite the massive non- stop pouring rain. We are 712 km from home and stationary. In 15 minutes we moved about 600 m. According to the traffic report on the car GPS we have 5 more kilometers […]

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Going North

We are setting off  for a week of holidays.  The children are getting their first fall school break, which is well deserved and earned as they have been working very hard both in school and with Saskia their private tutor.  We are going to be heading up to Denmark and Sweden driving mostly through Germany. […]

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This then is a perfect family chariot!  It’s beautiful, its spacious, and its not coming to Canada any time soon if ever.  We see these  on the Autobahn every once in a while, never for more than a split second as they fly by, gliding  effortlessly, with a mighty roar.  Available in Germany in, wait […]

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F1 Style

I still have not seen the last F1 race from Monaco. I though I would be watching it already but we are still over 350km away from home.  Having been stuck in traffic for over 3 hours it was time to stretch our legs a bit and make up for some lost time – F1 […]

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Baustelle – at first that sounded like some exotic French pastry we thought.  After a nice rest we drove by  a sign that read “Baustelle in 7 km”.  With a bit of traffic on the road going rather slow around Leipzig, we looked around at all the nice cars including this great looking CLS wagon. […]

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So Many Choices

It’s pit stop time.  After a few hours of bad weather, we finally got some sunshine about 40km from the German border.  We decided to stop for a little break and have some food.  You might say that this really is just an average stop, on an average autobahn in the middle of Germany.  Kind […]

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A practical approach to distracted driving. We have been here for almost a week now and it seems that every time we get in the car we have to get on Autobahn. Autobahn is a precarious thing.  It seems to have a life of its own. There are speed limits and there are a lot […]

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Map Legoland

Legoland – Deutschland

The happiest place on earth, at least right now for Boris and Evelina is Legoland.  About 197km outside Nuremberg or 1.30h drive from Nuremberg  is Legoland-Allee, Günzburg Legoland.  We got a family pass for all Legoland attractions throughout Europe for 1 year, unlimited admission for €257 including parking.  This includes all Legoland fees, free parking, London […]

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