F1 Style

I still have not seen the last F1 race from Monaco. I though I would be watching it already but we are still over 350km away from home.  Having been stuck in traffic for over 3 hours it was time to stretch our legs a bit and make up for some lost time – F1 style.

This then is the road.  43km of perfect tarmac, with nice and gentle waving turns you can do at a very respectable speed.




Travelling in a caravan are 3 cars, two Germans, a BMW 540 and a VW Wagon and a Swede – a Volvo S80.  Naturally, the BMW is leading the way and in close proximity is the VW.  The lonely Volvo is not really part of this game but it is doing its best trying to keep up.  If this was a race, a solid distant bronze would be well earned by the Volvo.




This is as close as we came to second place but the wagon would have none of it, the VW was very determined to make this a 1 – 2 for Germany.  I was quite OK with that, simply because after following them for a while, when the lines on the road start blurring into solid strings of paint, you get very tired very fast.  Your eyes are as big as watermelons, your breath is shallow, you don’t blink and a grip of the steering wheel is so firm my hands still hurt today. High speed it would appear  is very draining not only on the gas tank but also on the drivers body.




After some 43km of this high speed fun, something in the VW exploded in a puff of blue, oily smoke.  It started slow,  then erupted into a full smoke screen covering the road ahead.  What you seen on the windshield is the insides of the VW engine.  The BMW took off, the Volvo slowed down and the VW pulled over to the side of the road smoking. This was truly an unbelievable experience, something you don’t see every day.



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