We found a great little restaurant in Arezzo called Luck, the actual Italian name is Osteria da Luchino. Off the main street, no English menu, small and charming and just perfect.   We decided to try the Italian way of eating dinner.  You start off with a small pasta dish, then have the main course with meat and vegetables and potatoes followed by dessert and coffee.  Wine and water are part of this eating experience as well, as are some home baked breads. It all started off well, the pasta and risotto were nothing short of phenomenal – home made pasta made with love.  Perfect.  The meats arrived and the vegetables, we skipped the potatoes as we knew there will be no room for them.  I think the best steak I ever had was tonight. We finished the meats and almost managed to finish the vegetables – there was  no chance that dessert was going to happen.  I am not sure how this is done but we basically rolled out of there too full for anything else. All I have to say is that we were all glad that the walk to the car was short and downhill.






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