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Le Dauphine

A few steps away from the hotel on a quiet little street behind some government buildings is Le Dauphine.  A small bistro where we had dinner.  Long story short, if you are in Metz looking for a single portion of  steak tartar that is well spiced and large enough to feed a small village this […]

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We found a great little restaurant in Arezzo called Luck, the actual Italian name is Osteria da Luchino. Off the main street, no English menu, small and charming and just perfect.   We decided to try the Italian way of eating dinner.  You start off with a small pasta dish, then have the main course with […]

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Stiftskeller St. Peter (803) – Salzburg, Austria

According to some sources, including the restaurant itself of course, the Siftskeller has been serving food since 803, making it the oldest restaurant in Europe. Not 1803 – that’s not a typo. Eight-oh-three. Although we can’t personally verify this data, we can certainly attest to the quality of food and service. We started with a […]

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Stary Dom

We will file this under – what were we thinking eating this much?  Stary Dom is an old charming restaurant in Warsaw, Mokotów.  The service is good, the food is amazing and the desserts are to die for.  On the menu, steak tartar, zurek, wild boar roast, roasted duck and baked salmon.  Next time we […]

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Great Start

We are leaving Italy today to go home.  What better way to start your morning than with a good breakfast. While we were having our omelettes the children opted for hot chocolate and some pastries.  We never imagined that  hot chocolate is actually hot melted chocolate whipped with hot milk.  It’s more of a meal […]

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La Mangiatoia

It is true – we are those people that photograph our food before we dig into it.  But not all of the time.  We only do this when it is absolutely exceptional.  We found this little place, on the side street in San Gimignano.  It turns out, La Mangiatoia, was featured in Bon Appetite magazine as […]

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La Biscondola

Getting off the beaten path can be so rewarding.  We found this place on one of the side streets in San Gimignano.  La Biscondola, has great service and even better food.  Off the menu, we tried the goose liver pate and  the bruschetta as appetizers, wild boar ragout with white Tuscan beans in wine, truffle mushroom […]

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Eating in Italy

Navigating the Italian gastronomical universe is not an easy task. In the galaxy of choices that are presented on an average menu, in an average restaurant one can easily get confused and lost and ultimately regret not ordering just the right meal.  The easiest way to deal with this issue is to follow my simple […]

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