Middle of Nowhere – Burgundy

This then is the middle of nowhere we were looking for yesterday.  A desolate country road cutting across the villages and vineyards of Burgundy.  Peppered with family run Chateaus on each side of the road – each making their own great wines.  We stopped at a quiet restaurant at the edge of the vineyard where one can sit down and eat a great meal, have a beautiful glass of wine and a great dessert and an espresso to boot.  It’s easy to kick back and relax and forget about the world and all the worries here.  The little restaurant also had a little wine store attached to it with heavy iron bars in the windows and a big iron gate guarding its entrance.  Upon closer inspection I realized why.  This place is  wine lovers treasure chest, with wines that I only read about and saw in magazines, here they had them all, on display just scattered on shelves.  Hundreds of thousands of euros worth of amazing wines all under one roof – all reasonably priced too.









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