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Montalcino for Lunch

There appears to be about a thousand wine shops in this village.  There are places where you can sample over 100 wines in a single wine store.  It’s bonkers!  However, our search is for some food, because it has been at least 3 hours since our last meal, and to find another gelato place, because […]

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Paggio Dell’Aquila

Promptly after breakfast today we drove out to a small family run winery nestled just below the quaint town of Montalcino.  This place produces only 18,000 bottles of wine one Rosso and one Brunello, (read no cheap and pricey)  The local oenologist, Maria, who is Spanish, gave us a great tour and a great wine […]

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Chateau de Meursault

Chateau de Meursault was our next winery of choice.  This one offered a self guided tour of the property which is now a small museum.  The roots of the family that owns this Chateau are traced back to the 12th century.  The main Chateau is still being used as the primary residence,  but the cellars, […]

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Pommard Caves

The best part of the tour was of course the wine cellars or the caves.  The sheer volume of  wine stored in the nice cool cellars underground is simply staggering.  After the tour we had our first taste of some fine wines, including 1st Cru, and Chateau de Pommard.  Naturally we acquired some of them […]

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Chateau de Pommard

First on the list, purely by chance, was Chateau de Pommard.  It was close to where we were staying and seemed rather interesting. The Chateau had a wine museum and a great restaurant, an exposition of modern art was well as great collection of originals by Picasso, Matisse, and two sculptures by Salvador Dali. We […]

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Meanwhile in Italy..

By lake Garda a small family of whales was spotted wobbling towards a restaurant.  It’s been at least 6 minutes since our last meal, we have done a lot of hard work, lazing around the pool and having a 3 hour nap which of course requires more nourishment.  Tomorrow I will simply cut a hole […]

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