Leo Fuchs Winery

We sat down with the owner and the wine maker of Leo Fuchs for a bit of a chat and a bit of fine wine.  All wines we sampled today were white. There was one Chardonnay, one Sauvignon Blanc and the rest of them were a bewildering variety of Rieslings. These are not the Rieslings we remember drinking back home, these are sophisticated, complex and mostly quite dry wines – one better than the next,  simply amazing, and that is saying a lot as I in particular do not enjoy white wines at all.  When we got to the vinery we were greeted by the owners and a few bottles of nice and cold sparking water.  After a bit of rest and a brief history lesson we stat down to a table with a large cheese and sausage and grape plate and a basket of bread and some wines.  It would have been a shame to spit these out, as each bottle opened was simply poured into 8 glasses for tasting or rather drinking.  I lost count after the 8th  or the 9th bottle, but if I remember correctly we had either 11 or 12 bottles of wine, I don’t think anyone remembers – truth be told.  Mr. Fuchs would take out one bottle after another, some from his private collection, some that he no longer sells, and some simply reserved for special guests.  Klaus and Lotta know the owner quite well, they come here at least once a year and fill up their cars  with wine.  Perhaps this is why we got such an amazing treatment, perhaps that is why the tasting did not cost a single dime, or perhaps this simply is  a reflection of great German hospitality.  Everyone it seems loves the new Rieslings: the are polished, refined and complex but most of all – very memorable.  Some of these wines are going for almost €50 a bottle which for Germany is a lot for a bottle of wine.   By the time we finished I could not decide what to take with me and because our room in the suitcase and liquor allowance is so limited we have to be choosy.  I asked Mr. Fuchs to simply select two bottles of wine he would like me to take to Canada and share with friends and so he did.   At few minutes after 7pm we started walking back to our hotel in the next village as we had dinner reservations at 8:00pm.  What a splendid day this was so far.















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