Pizzeria Santacroce

If you don’t know what you are looking for, you would more than likely walk by this place without giving it a second look.  The place is just outside the main part of the old town in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, off on a side street in the middle of nowhere really.  This, however, happens to be one of the best if not the best pizza place in Arezzo.  The place has more awards and medals than they have wall space to display them all.  The place was full of locals and 4 pasty white tourists!  We met a great couple, Evy and Francesco,  from Oslo who used to live in Arezzo and in Canada and we got properly schooled by them on what is good and proper about this pizza.  Pizzeria Santacroce serves authentic Napoli pizza not Arezzo style pizza – who knew.  We were also schooled on the proper gelato places in Arezzo too, apparently in their opinion Paradiso is not properly good gelato – for good gelato you have to go to Gelato Chocolate, which again is in the middle of nowhere in a residential neighbourhood and a short walk away from the Pizzeria Santacroce.  So we walked there too, darn good gelato! At this pace – this family will soon tip a tonne on pizza, pasta and gelato alone.   We just love food.






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