Blow Out

It is a Thanksgiving Saturday.  A beautiful day, sunny and warm.  It is the kind of day you go out for a nice lazy walk around the lake or the little forest that is not far away from our home.  Today on the lazy morning agenda I decided to winterize my irrigation system.  My shiny new compressor came in and I set about to enjoy the morning sunshine sitting on the front porch listening to water hissing out of the sprinkler lines.  Except I was not!  It turns out that my blow out line was changed and retrofitted to allow for the garden hose to be connected.  This of course was a bit puzzling since not 5 feet from the purpose made blow out adapter is a garden hose connector. In fact there are three of them: one on each side of the house and one in the garage with hot water hook up.  Instead of sitting around drinking an espresso and enjoying the sunshine off I went to not one but two hardware stores wasting almost 2 hours to buy parts and do more fixing around the house.  The ignorance is simply bewildering.


DSC07119 DSC07122


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  1. | October 19, 2014 at 9:40 am #

    OMG, I am shocked that I haven’t read more posts about the increase in drinking to cope with this latest issue with your poor home. Don’t know if we can wait til Nov 8th to chat, maybe if you in the Park, stop by we’ll be in the office Mon/tues 🙂

  2. | October 19, 2014 at 1:14 pm #

    You know if I had a drink every time I picked up a tool in the house to fix something, I would have no liver left, my wine cellar would be empty and I would be a raging alcoholic. Having said that, we have elected to simply stop talking about, there is no need for this toxicity and poison in our house and in our lives. We are happy to have our house back and what can’t be won with reason is best left to the courts.

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