Viking and Dragons

There are many different things we all miss about being on the other side of the pond.  From the simple narrow and twisted cobble stone streets we walked in the old town Nuremberg to our friends  and our favourite coffee shops and stores, the amazing gelato and the atmosphere of the old city, the history and the constant discovery of something new, something we have not spotted before.  It seems everyday no matter how ordinary had its charm, and surprises.  We miss the breakfasts in France, and sausages in Bavaria, we missed Denmark and we miss Tuscany, we wish we could drive to Zeller Bistro in Budapest one more time and take a another day trip to Prague.  Boris would be back in London in a heartbeat, there just isn’t a place we did not enjoy and so many we wish we could have gone to.  I think Evelina in her previous life was  a Viking, she still is one at heart all she needs is a little dragon to train.  While the shield and sword come from Ladby in Denmark, the hat was made here by our good friend Susana – now the outfit is complete!






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