Cafe Petersborg

Well, it started to rain, so instead of going to see the Little Mermaid statue we decided to take an early lunch.  Henrik suggested a great place that serves traditional open face Danish sandwiches, with just about anything you can imagine on them.  There is 40 thousand types of herring, from pickled to curried, eel, meatballs, chicken salad, cheese, tartar, lamb, scrambled eggs etc, etc.  There is something for everyone in here.  The sandwiches are quite filling too, so the 9 of us ordered 12 sandwiches, which we could barely finish.  One of the Clintons had a lunch here once so the place is rather famous now, and the food is really good.  Our family ordered 6 open face sandwiches (which don’t come with any sides), tea, water, and a pop for a cool 505 Danish Crowns – when in Denmark, don’t let the prices shock you, save that for Norway…