Antalya – We Arrived

No trip of ours is without its little adventures. We arrived in Antalya just around 7 am as scheduled. With nothing to declare we walked out of the airport in no time into sweltering heat of 28C. We were informed that our shuttle will take us to the hotel as per our reservation. We boarded shuttle 97 in row B and showed the driver our documents. We were one seat short so Evelina sat on my lap – no big deal it’s a ten minute drive to the hotel. About 8 minutes into the journey the driver got a call, he slowed the bus down to about 30 km/h on the highway to take the call, promptly blocking the left lane. As he was chatting we were being passed by people on the motorbikes, riding in flip flops with no helmets listening to music and texting all at the same time. 10 minutes later we were back at the airport, we apologizes and got off the bus! It appears that somewhere someone made a mistake! We got on an entirely empty bus and were promptly taken to our hotel were we had a huge breakfast and are sipping coffee now waiting to check in. So far so good.



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