Cedar Forest

On the outskirts of Bonnieux village is a massive  cedar forest that began with trees imported from North Africa during the Napoleonic era. It sits opposite Mont Ventoux, know as the windy mountain where winds in the summer reach 320km/h but on average over 240 days out of the year go at 90+ km/h.  We decided to take it easy and explore the cedar forest go for a little walk, 2.1km to be exact to a look out point.  4.3km into the walk we realized that no one was paying attention to the signage, so we missed the trail turn off.  Instead of spectacular panoramas of the gorge we built a couple of Inukshuks like we usually do when there are stones lying around and walked back another 4.3km to the car.  I guess we are not quite ready for Moose Camp!

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