Cochem Imperial Castle

The Reichsburg Cochem had its first documentary mention in 1130. In 1151, it was occupied by King Konrad III, who declared it an Imperial castle. In 1688, the castle was overrun by French King Louis XIV’s troops in the course of the Nine Years’ War  and the following year was destroyed. The castle complex lay in ruins before in 1868 it was bought by the Berlin businessman Louis Fréderic Jacques Ravené for 300 Goldmark and then reconstructed in the Gothic Revival style.   Cochem Imperial Castle is a tourist castle meaning that it was rebuilt and renovated more as a tourist attraction rather than a fortress capable of defending itself.  We were informed that true castle enthusiast should consider going to see Eltz Castle near by instead of seeing this on.  For all we know, this is a magnificat structure with fairytale like flair to it that is beautiful to look at from any angle – towering  above and keeping watch over this beautiful little city.











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