Evening Drive at Eagle View

These are our two tents.  Kids on the right and we are on the left.  Same rules apply here as did at the Basecamp – no one is allowed outside on their own after dark which here is at 6:30pm.  You get escorted by two Maasai guards, armed with spears and knives against lions, elephant and hippos.  We have the same driver and guide and he does not disappoint – around every turn there is something new to look at and no matter how many times you spot the giraffes or elephants or hippos or zebras they are always mesmerizing, breathtaking and spectacular.  We happened upon two lionesses, getting ready for a hunt and needless to say it was a bit tense.  We were also allowed to roam around, within 20m of Land Cruiser,  on the top of the plateau to enjoy a spectacular sunset.


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