Florence in a Day

I think this is our 3rd or 4th time in Florence and finally we know the place enough to  not get lost 4 times trying to walk 100m in a straight line.  Once again we visited the Uffizi and the Academia for the first time.  The cathedral is still there and just as magnificent as it always has been.  This time we drove out to the other side of Florence to see it from the top of the hill and enjoy the spectacular view it affords. We played a new game at the museum, it was “name this statue or painting” – suddenly going though a museum and looking at hundreds of priceless pieces of art became more entertaining. That was fun.  We finished the day of at the Panerai store well after closing time and in the leather district picking up a few things, and a fine pizza dinner in a very up and coming place.  The food was amazing, the atmosphere phenomenal and conversation with the Dutch couple at the table next to us riveting.  What a great day.




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