Going Home

We are leaving rainy and cold Warsaw today and going back to Germany. Now that we have updated the maps on the GPS we think we should get to Nuremberg in about 8 hours or so, maybe a bit longer with the heavy rain.

We noticed that a lot of people have secondary antennas on their cars, everywhere you go you see this, like remote control cars at the race track.  At first we thought that perhaps these were curriers, but what would a currier do in the middle of nowhere on a country road driving like a maniac, on Sunday?  Well, it turns out that these people are not curriers at all,  they are in fact  proponents of CB Radio.  That’s right – CB Radio.  This is predominantly used by the the Fast and Furious of Poland to inform one another of  speed traps, photo radar traps and other police activities in the area.  Maybe one day on those radios they will hear a word Twitter, #traffic, #welcometo21centruy – who knows.








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