Today we took delivery of an apartment full of furniture.  The furniture showed up at 7:15, I was rushing to get there, I got lost! I thought I knew my way to the house but it turns out I did not.  Finally I got there and opened the door and the crew of 3 started hauling everything upstairs. It took the 3 men about 90 min to shift 970kg of furniture 4 flights of stairs.  At first it seems we did not get half of the stuff we ordered, then it turned out we got more than we ordered.  It was a hectic morning.  This then is a picture of 3 IKEA staff trying to figure out how this could happen.  We got an extra: sofa, dining room table, a bench and  two mattresses.  Long story short, we have a lot of extra furniture in the house, about €950.00 that we did not pay for, we don’t need, and IKEA can’t figure out how it got there and how to pick it up.



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