La Tuilière en Luberon

So this was our home for the last week, a charming place in the south of France in the village of Cadenet.  The place is own by Clotilde & Didier Borgarino.  You you seriously park yourself here and forget about the world for a week.  The breakfast is great and the dinner when the hosts make it – is well worth the experience.  In fact Didier has published 6 books on Provence mushrooms and 3 music CDs.  Clotilde on the other hand has 2 cookbooks under her belt.  One of the books has 80 recipes all dedicated to cooking and making stuff with stale bread.  The dinner we had last night with a number of other guests was simply phenomenal.  The best part of it was not having to walk up to the house from the village – always a bonus!

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