Lazy Days

Our days here at Basecamp Explorer are quite lazy.  We get up at 6 am have a quick coffee and are out for the morning game drive by 6:30am.  We are back to camp at around 9:30 am and inform the staff that we will be back in 10 or 15 minutes for breakfast, at which point the table is taken out and placed under one of the trees.  After breakfast is relaxation and reading time or you can go for a nature walk.  Lunch is served between 1 and 2pm depending on preference.  After a 3 course lunch and a large glass of wine the food induced comma takes over so it is a nap time again.  At 4pm we set off for the afternoon game drive.  We are supposed to be back at 6:30 but usually we are late, today we got back at 7:10pm.  Dinner is ready whenever we are so we usually eat around 7:30pm.  You can then sit around the fire or simply go back to the tent which was turned down for the night with a hot water bottle under the sheets.  Let’s call this Fat Camp 3.0 – honestly who can eat this much?



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