Today we are travelling to Sant’ Anna in Camprena. We stayed here last year in the spring and loved it so much we thought we would come back and bring some friends with us to enjoy.  However, because the drive from Rome to Camprena is not long we are taking some detours.  First on the list is Orvieto.  A towering town you zoom by going North from Rome.  We have driven past this small city a number of times before but never stopped in to enjoy it.  Well today we did, and we are glad we did.  Orvieto goes back to 700 BC. The city became one of the major cultural centres of its time when Thomas Aquinas taught at the stadium there which now is a part of the University of Perugia.  It is a small town with a magnificent cathedral and a lot of great shops.  It’s well worth the detour.














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