Positano and Amalfi

We visited both Positano and Amalfi as part of our boat trip today.  Both of these small villages are perched on the cliff similar to Cinque Terre towns.  We took a boat from Amalfi to Positano, hang around there for a bit then a boat back to Amalfi.  From Amalfi we took, what can only be described, as  the craziest bus ride up the hill to the village where we are staying.  The bus drivers essentially lays on the horn around every turn which is about every 50m or so.  All cars either get out-of-the-way or stop and back up to make room.  Only one hand is used to drive the bus, the other hand the bus driver uses to fold the mirror so he can squeeze in between rocks, cars, or another bus.  It is 36C outside, the bus is packed, the driver is wearing a shit and a tie and he does not even break a sweat.  Insanity ensues.

DSC04518_19_20 DSC04521_2_3 DSC04527_8_9 DSC04530_1_2 DSC04539 DSC04554_5_6 DSC04560_1_2 DSC04601_2_3 DSC04607_8_9 DSC04619_20_21 DSC04649_50_51 DSC04652_3_4 DSC04688_89_90 DSC04694_5_6 DSC04710_1_2 DSC04713_4_5 DSC04716_7_8 DSC04722_3_4 DSC04727 DSC04743 DSC04745_6_7


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