Today we ventured out on a drive from Agerola, where we are staying, to Ravello.  Sine there is only one road that clings to the side of the mountain we had to drive through Amalfi.  However, the drive is not as bad as everyone has said it would be.  Would I drive it in my car from Canada, no way, would I like a smaller car than a Mini, sure but all things considered it was a great and thrilling drive.  We went 35km/h on this trip and in some places as fast as mind-boggling 40km/h.  I would say this was far more stressful and worse than going 230km/h on the Autobahn.

Ravello is a gorgeous town, certainly much more beautiful than Amalfi, Positano or Praiano, and a lot more secluded and serene.  It is small, charming and full of wonderful shops, amazing gelato shops, and proper coffee bars.  If we had to come back and only visit one town on the Amalfi coast it would most definitely be Ravello.


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