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Oliwa Cathedral

The archcathedral in Oliwa is a three-nave basilica with a transept and a multisided closed presbytery, finished with an ambulatory. The façade is flanked by two slender towers, 46-metres tall each with sharply-edged helmets. It is enlivened by a Baroque portal from 1688, as well as three windows of different sizes and three cartouches. The […]

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Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral is situated on a ridge overlooking the River Somme in Amiens and it is the 19th largest church in the world. Medieval cathedral builders were trying to maximize the internal dimensions in order to reach for the heavens and bring in more light. In that regard, the Amiens cathedral is the tallest complete […]

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Around Rouen

We got to Rouen this morning, totally forgetting the fact that Friday is a civic holiday and most of the places are closed.  We had a good look at the Rouen Cathedral and a quick walk around  part of the old town.  We are going to be coming back here tomorrow for a better look so we […]

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Rouen Cathedral

The first church on this site dates back to 4th century, The 6th century it was  enlarged and elevated to cathedral status.  The cathedral was struck and portions of it destroyed  by lighting no less than 5 times It was burned and bombed and damaged by hurricanes.  One of the fires was so intense it melted […]

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Würzburg Cathedral

The present cathedral, built from 1040 onwards by Bishop Bruno of Würzburg, reckoned to be the fourth largest Romanesque basilica in Germany, is the third church on the site: the previous two, built in about 787 and 855, were respectively destroyed and severely damaged by fire. After Bruno’s accidental death in 1045, his successor Adalbero […]

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Churches in Warsaw

On our short walk through the Old Town in Warsaw we walked by no less than 9  or 10 churches.  Each nicer then the last. Some were empty, some were full of visitors, while others were at worship, some still were full of well wishers for the newly weds. Each different and unique with its […]

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Another favourite of ours from last year was Siena.  Siena is famous for a lot of things.  The two main ones that impressed us the most are the Piazza del Campo, and the Siena Cathedral.  One famous for its annual horse race, and the other for it beautiful black and white marble architecture.  There is also a great […]

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We are off to France for a few days.  The drive is comparable to going to Calgary so why not. Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament among other things.  It has a colossal Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg which was the tallest building in the world for over 2 centuries.  This is a magnificat […]

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