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Water Fight

At 5pm, when we were coming home from Treviso, it was still 26C outside and very humid.  The best solution for that would be to cool off in the pool which was a bit cold still, so the children went for the second best option – a water fight.  There were no winners in this […]

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Getting There

We are on our way to Budapest, Hungary.  It is a great and leisurely drive, the roads are pretty much empty and there is not a lot of construction.  We made 3 quick stops, two of which were to buy road vignettes – a precautionary measure to avoid unpleasantries with border control like the last […]

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After a good night sleep in a nice little hotel just off the main square and an early visit to the bakery for some croissant, and baguette  and  some pain au chocolat we set off in search of some fine French countryside covered in vineyards and dotted by small chateaus.  We did not have to go […]

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