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Spadalunga – Puglia

We have done absolutely  nothing since we got here.  Haven’t been anywhere, haven’t seen anything yet, other than the inside of some restaurants for food of course.  We haven’t even been out for a gelato yet.  Lazy and relaxing is the name of the game and this is the perfect setting for it.

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Day of Rest

It is not like we have strained ourselves yesterday but it is early days on our Italian adventure so we are taking it easy.  We never got up early enough to get to the bakery so we had fruit for breakfast.  After breakfast –  the pool from 10 am to 7:15 pm with an occasional […]

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Pool Time

Today, we are proud to say, we have done nothing at all.  We drove down to the village to have breakfast the local bakery.  We stopped by a shop to get some milk, cheese and salami and on the way back up we also stopped at a fruit stand and bought half a trunk of […]

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Buccia Nera – Italy

Unlike our last trip to the middle of nowhere in Italy where we got lost on a deserted gravel country road in the middle of night with bats flying around – and no cell signal today the expedition went a lot better.  We are still in the middle of nowhere, high up on the mountain […]

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Water Fight

At 5pm, when we were coming home from Treviso, it was still 26C outside and very humid.  The best solution for that would be to cool off in the pool which was a bit cold still, so the children went for the second best option – a water fight.  There were no winners in this […]

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Pool Time

Once the kids got home from school, we had a quick lunch and went out to the pool.  Its an outdoor pool which has been recently renovated.  It seems that the designers have gone mad with stainless steel.  The pools are stainless steel, the bottom the sides the edges all stainless steel, as are the […]

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Still no Rain.

It’s 8:00 p.m. and it is finally safe to come out of the house.  We decided to hit our favourite little Italian gelato place for something cool.  After that a short trip to the river valley to scope out an outdoor swimming pool where tomorrow we might seek some solace from this menacing heat.  

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We are taking it easy this morning.  Lazying around the pool in the middle of nowhere enjoying some sunshine and a nice breeze coming off the hills.  There are few things more relaxing than watching paragliders sail above in the clouds and listening to the water drop off the infinity pool.  Life is good.  

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