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Prague Afternoon

After the castle we hastily headed down to the restaurant as some storm clouds started rolling in.  We did not have to walk far and in all honestly the rain did not last very long.  But while it was raining we were sitting down enjoying a nice dinner and coffee.  Good times, Prague never disappoints […]

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Evening Stroll

After a lovely dinner on the Prague Castle side of town, in the same restaurant we ate last year, we went for a stroll to walk off the 4 tonnes of food we consumed before heading home.  Let me see if I remember the meal.  Beef goulash soup in a bread bowl, fries, potato mushroom […]

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Basilica of St Peter and St Paul

Part of the Vyšehrad castle is the  Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, the old cemetery, and  the rotunda of St. Martin which is the oldest surviving building in Prague.  Originally founded in 1070-1080 by the Czech King Vratislav II, the Romanesque basilica suffered a fire in the year 1249 and has been rebuilt in gothic and later in neo-Gothic […]

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Golden Lane

Golden Lane (Zlatá ulička) is an ancient street within the Prague Castle complex with small houses built between two defence walls. Golden Lane dates from the 15th Century and has a beautiful, olden world quaintness about it. It comprises 11 historic houses, inside which period scenes have been created to show the life of the artisans who […]

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St. George’s Basilica

St. George’s Basilica

St. George’s Basilica is the oldest church building within the Prague Castle complex. It is also the best-preserved Romanesque church in Prague. St. George’s Basilica was founded by Prince Vratislav (915-921) in 920. The basilica was then enlarged in 973 with the construction of St. George’s Benedictine Convent. While visiting the basilica, we happened upon what appeared […]

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St. Vitus Cathedral

To many people St. Vitus Cathedral is Prague Castle. While the Prague Castle complex houses many buildings, St. Vitus is the one that dominates the skyline wherever you are in city.  This Gothic masterpiece was commissioned by Charles IV and it took almost 6 centuries to complete. As well as being the largest and most important temple […]

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Prague Castle

Prague Castle, founded in 870 AD, is the largest medieval castle in Europe. It was the seat of the Kings of Bohemia for centuries, and today the President of the Czech Republic rules from here. It is also the premier tourist attraction in Prague. Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad) is located in the Castle District (Hradčany), […]

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