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Going Back

So after almost 30 years I am back in the city I grew up in. While a lot has changed it here, not much really did. In the end it is really all a matter of perspective.  What seemed bright, huge and wonderful as I remembered it, is now aged, dull and all plastered in […]

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Parking lot

This is the “parking lot” at Evelina’s school. The school is grades 1 through 4 and there are VERY few kids that are dropped off and picked up by parents. Evelina rides her scooter every day and parks it here too. Without locks. She told me she wouldn’t enjoy going to school in Germany if […]

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Boris’ School

Boris took us on a little tour of the school grounds.  Johannes Scharrer – Gymnasium is a school located in 3 old buildings connected by a modern atrium and a courtyard where everyone hangs out during the  breaks.  The school starts at 7:55 am and finishes at 2:00pm except Wednesday when it is done at […]

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Johannes Scharrer – Gymnasium

Boris is signed up for school that is more age appropriate.  This is the courtyard of the Johannes Scharrer – Gymnasium where people go to hang out during the breaks.  This school is focused mainly on Languages and Humanities.  Typically the kids will take German and English and select either Latin, French  or Spanish as their optional language.  Boris […]

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Still no Rain.

It’s 8:00 p.m. and it is finally safe to come out of the house.  We decided to hit our favourite little Italian gelato place for something cool.  After that a short trip to the river valley to scope out an outdoor swimming pool where tomorrow we might seek some solace from this menacing heat.  

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First day of school

Today marked another milestone: first day of school in Germany! You may or may not be surprised to hear that both children were EXTREMELY excited for this new adventure. They spent the weekend organizing supplies. Boris even went as far as to claim he was “sick and tired of relaxing”. After school, the two of […]

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