Tire Hell

This is what happens to ZR rated tires on the Autobahn. I think our highest speed was around the 230km/h mark and in the last 16 months there was only one time when we did not go over warp speed which is 200. Before setting out for Monza I stopped to check tire pressure which was down about .5 bar on each of the wheels. This is very strange as the air usually holds well for months. It appears that all four tires started to separate. This had to happen on the last Frankfurt run I think, or at least want to believe. We almost literally drove the wheels off of the car.

So instead of going to Monza yesterday at 7am as planned I was getting my brakes sorted out and trying to find a warehouse and a currier that could get me these tires for today. They are in, they are getting put on and hopefully soon I can be on my way.



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