Villa Medici

So after circling around the building for about 25 min I managed to find the big brown door to get to where I am staying, Villa Medici. This is a 4000 sq m musical villa. There are over 60 pianos here in this house. I have a piano in my room too, it is bigger than the bed I have. Essentially every week or so the people at the villa invite a piano maestro to come and give a masters class in piano. This week it is Maestro Kanno who hails from Japan but has been living and teaching in Paris for the last 30 some years.
They are not going to make Liberace out of me but no matter where I go there is a piano in use. Today at 6pm there is a concert put on by the Maestro and his four students from Germany, Japan, Belgium and Car hating Switzerland. What an odd place to be at, these artists could not be further removed from the “car thing” as they call it, I came here to see.



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