When in Rome?

First, dress the part.  The basic theory is to get something louder than Eddie Jordan would wear and try not too look like a clown, although that part is optional.  Second, when it doubt order two main courses just to try them both – live to regret it later.  I have a new plan.  Today I laid in the scorching sun  between 11am and 1pm until I turned fire extinguisher red.  This tightens the skin a bit so that you can still fit into the old clothes which makes it easier to eat two main courses, preceded by an appetizer and followed by a desert of course.  I am in pain….both on the inside and the outside.  We are extending our trip in Garda to allow a mechanic to install new freight train springs on the trusty old Volvo.  There is no way in hell we can get into this car and drive it over the mountains without dragging the gas tank and the muffler on the pavement.  Shopping and eating too much are two  primary culprits here. Also off the bucket list are: looking looking louder than Eddie Jordan, and eating two main courses.  Man it has been a busy day, full of accomplishments all around.  I think we will need to rest some more tomorrow.





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