Au Detour

We stumbled upon this little place in the morning as we were exploring the area around our hotel.  It looked good, the menu looked enticing and it was just secluded enough and suficciently away from the main street to be worth a consideration for dinner.  This is not an easy thing to do because Metz is not a large city like Paris or Lyon for example.  The waitress spoke exactly three words of English – also a plus for us.  We had a wonderful dinner, dare we say on par with one of our favourite bistros to date which is Zeller in Budapest!  This is a fabulous French bistro with amazing food, wonderful atmosphere and great service.  If we had to pick a bistro to dine at again we would be hard pressed to pick between these two.  Champagne, wine, three course dinner and coffee for under €80.00 for the four of us – simply phenomenal.


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