This is the last stop in Switzerland.  Apparently I can’t count to 5 so I booked us in for 4 nights. Needless to say a day before check out we needed to find a room for one more night.  Booking.com to the rescue and this is how we ended up in this village.  Dating back to Roman times now it is a popular summer and winter destination.  Quiet, serene and secluded – perfect last day in Switzerland.


DSC06704_5_6 DSC06707_8_9 DSC06710_1_2 DSC06713_4_5 DSC06716_7_8 DSC06723_4_5 DSC06726_7_8 DSC06729_30_31 DSC06732_3_4 DSC06735_6_7 DSC06738_39_40 DSC06741_2_3 DSC06744_5_6 DSC06748_49_50 DSC06751_2_3 DSC06754_5_6 DSC06757_8_9 DSC06760_1_2 DSC06763_4_5 DSC06767 DSC06769_70_71 DSC06773 DSC06778_79_80 DSC06781_2_3


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