Seilpark Gantrisch

Doing something outdoorsy today – something right up Evelina’s alley.  Seilpark in Gantrisch has the highest forest adventure platforms in Switzerland – 36m – it is freaky.  There are 10 different courses to go through and 1.5km  of paths suspended  through the beautiful Längeney Forest.  We did 9 of the 10, the second most difficult one took us more than 1 hour to complete, after that there was no life left in us.  The most scary one for me was a 26m fall drop.  Basically you attach your harness to a steel cable with a wheel, lean back and fall off the platform backwards, hoping that the mechanism is doing its work and slowing you down.  Needles to say, I chickened out and send Evelina first- which made things even worse.  After 3.5 hours we had enough, we both wanted to walk on solid ground.

DSC06582 DSC06584 DSC06599 DSC06604 DSC06616 DSC06617 DSC06626 DSC06635 DSC06651 DSC06672 DSC06676 DSC06688

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