Thun is a small city of about 45,000 residents.  The area of what is now Thun was inhabited since the Neolithic age mid 300 BC. Like most Europe and Switzerland it was conquered by Rome in 58BC.  In 1819 a Military School was founded in the city, which later developed into the main military school in Switzerland. Thun was connected to the railway network of Switzerland in 1859 and telephone access made available in 1888.  There are a number of old wooden covered bridges that cross the city over the river Aare which flows out of Lake Thun.  Not only do people swim in the cold river they apparently also try to surf.  For us this was a great day, we got to wear long pants because it rained in the morning and it only got up to 19C with about 95% humidity, we soon realized that we made a horrible mistake by wearing sweaters and long pants.  Luckily this is a small town so it was not a lot of walking with great many coffee shops where one can relax and enjoy some local goodies – which we naturally did.



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