Holy Trinity Church

This is the last church on the agenda for today.  Although, on the way to the car,  we did try to see another monastery which was closed. The Church of the Holy Trinity, located on the Gesandtenstrasse, was built in the midst of the Thirty Years War. This was one of the first evangelical churches in Bavaria. Construction began on July 4th 1627, and was completed only 4 years later on December 5th, 1631. The original benches are still used today, dating back to 1630-31. The intricate wood carvings on the back of the choir chairs are rare and worth seeing. The poor box, which dates back to 1632, originally stood in the middle isle but is now located in a showcase near the pulpit rise. The original design of the church was supposed to come from Matthias Stang, but because this came too late, Johann Carl from Nuremberg was commissioned. This design has regional and Dutch influences, with the flat look of the longhouse which resembles the Lusthaus in Stuttgart designed by Georg Beers. The structure also conforms to other building styles in Regensburg with a tower homogenous to Jakobs Church and Neupfarrkirche. Particularly interesting to the church is its column-less design of longhouse; the gallery is actually the only thing supported in the building by columns. Paintings in the church, such as the full body portrait of Luther and Melanchton, originate from the 17th century. Other attractions include the small cemetery, running adjacent along side the church, which includes a row of baroque styled grave monuments as well as resting areas of former foreign parliament members.  The view from the tower is simply breath taking so it is worth the €4.00 family admission.















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