Home Alone

It is 10:30pm.  The owner of the villa is staying in the private part of this complex behind a big iron gate, in a huge manicured private garden in a smaller private villa more suitable for a family.  Alexandro the caretaker and Fiona the lady who makes breakfast sleeps next to the kitchen which is across the courtyard and a small park.  This leaves me with all the ghosts in this massive place all on my own.  I am not freaking out yet but I swear to god if I hear the floor creaks, which it won’t because it is concrete, or my door handle moves I will have a heart attack!  I think I am going to move the piano in my room to block the doors and the sofa to cover the balcony doors.  It is so silent here it is spooky!  I was under the impression that the Master’s class of harp is showing up tonight but I guess they are not.  Did I mention it is a full moon too? This is just bizarre!